Why Banana Republic trench coats are the best thing since sliced bread

As this would be my first ever trench coat purchase after years of poorly fitting coats, I was determined to only purchase a coat that fit me perfectly.  I saw this trench originally at Banana Republic at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.  It was quite funny actually, as I walked in the store I was informed by the sales assistant that the petite section was downstairs.  Good observation skills my man!!  I cant complain, it was better service than I usually get in stores.  I was informed by the Sales Assistant that this is the only Banana Republic store in the North of England and it is worth a look if you are near by.  Anyway back to the coat....... I loved the coat in the store but I had already ordered a navy blue trench (2nd picture down) from Gap "petite" (more about that later) so I left it behind and thought I would wait and see what the Gap one was like first.  

Well the Gap coat arrived and was promptly returned as it was nowhere near "under 5ft" friendly (not what Gap claimed but what I am aiming for).  It was too large in the shoulders, sleeves and just looked way too big on me (sorry I haven't got any pics of me wearing the Gap one).  Its strange as Gap and Banana Republic are the same company so I'm not sure why the sizing is so different between them. 

I decided to go for the Banana Republic trench - it helped that BR online had a £20 discount code and free delivery at the time.  The length is 32" and this one is dry clean only.  There are lots of gorgeous details on the coat which makes it feel much more luxurious than the Gap coat (and it will take you at least 10 minutes to do up all the buttons!!!).  

So what do you think???

Have you tried any Gap or Banana Republic petite items?


Heather Wood said...

Looking good! I like the proportions....
I had a pair of gap petite jeans arrive today actually... They're in the 'always skinny skim' style and are genuinely ankle length on me, so seem pretty true to the claimed sizing. In fact would probably be too short if any taller than 5' 1!

Fuzstarpetite said...


oooo they sound great and its good to know they are good for under 5.3" as often they are still too long for me. Are they keepers? I shall have to try them! FSP