Letter to ASOS


I am a petite lady of 4"9 and I have just been looking at some dresses in your petite section.  I was shocked to see that you have a model of 5"8 showing the clothes for petite ladies of 5"3 and under.  I have enough trouble finding petite ladies clothes hence why I was looking at your selection but it just seems ridiculous to have a tall lady advertising petite ladies clothes.  It would be helpful and make it easier to decide whether to make a purchase, to have some petite models and their height details so we can get a better idea of how the items would actually look.  

I am the owner of a new petite ladies blog (fuzstarpetite) and I am always looking for clothes that fit my height as sometimes even petite clothes are too long in length for me.  It is really important to me that I look at the measurements and lengths of clothes before buying anything.  

I hope you understand this and that you will work towards developing and improving your petite range.  Put it this way you wouldn't put the size 3 shoes on the top shelf and the size 8's on the bottom shelf.... or would you?