Doing Banana Republic petite the right way

It was my birthday last week so I went for a family meal at The Fox in Menston near Ilkley. 
I thought I would share my birthday outfit with you. This included two new items from Banana Republic petite.  

1) Boiled Wool Moto Jacket  I was in London last weekend and BR had a promotion called "walk in and win" where I was given a card for 25% off any purchase.  As I have wanted this jacket for such a long time plus I had some extra birthday money - thanks to my lovely family :-), I thought I had to go for it. Verdict - I love it!!

2) Textured Cropped Turtleneck - BR sent me £20 off any purchase as it was my birthday plus they had a £10 sweater offer on so this helped to persuade me to try a turtleneck (something I haven't worn for years).  Verdict: Lovely soft fabric that is not itchy and I thought it goes rather well with the jacket.  

Other items i'm wearing:

Earrings: Talullah Tu mini bow pearl drop stud earrings 

Bag: Pink Leather bag from Tula (old)
Jeans: Levis Demi Curve Mid Rise Skinny (I got the length altered in store) 
Shoes: Office Cecilia silver - these come is loads of different colours


Kfuzstar said...

Couldn't see your trousers very well. Otherwise lovely .

Fuzstarpetite said...

Thanks for your feedback. I have tried to brighten up the pictures - unfortunately it was a dark rainy day. If you want to see the jeans better please click on the link. That will take you to the Levis page.