Merry Christmas
I hope you have a lovely day! 
FuzstarPetite xx

As well as the Carolina Alvo Kathleen Dress I also received the "petite is powerful" t-shirt.  A useful reminder for those days were I am feeling more petite than powerful :-)

Pictures taken on the beach in Whitby UK (on a cold November morning)

Recently, I tried a totally new shopping experience.....Kickstarter.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter, it gives individuals the chance to pitch their ideas to the public, a bit like an internet version of dragons den. This gives you access to unique and limited edition items while supporting individuals to reach their dreams. For more details and information on how it works click on the Kickstarter link above.

Anyway onto the good stuff.....It was a normal day in the FSP household.  I was going about my usual business of researching petite brands and I came across Carolina Alvo on Kickstarter.  She was advertising the perfect petite dress (the Kathleen dress in black onyx or ivory) so of course this got my attention and I had to take a closer look.

There are three amazing reasons why this is The Perfect Petite Dress:

1) It was made by a petite for petites - This dress was created with the fit and style of a petite women in mind. 

2) The proportions are adjusted not just shortened.  The dress was designed on a petite fit model to ensure an optimal fit and is available in US size 00 - 14.  I got size 4. 

3) The dress is offered in two hem lengths - one for those over 5"1 and one for those under 5"1 so there is no need for any alterations.  This recognises that a petite lady of 4"10 needs a different length to one who is 5"3. I'm 4"9 so I got the under 5"1 version.

So what's not to LOVE about this very special dress??

Pictures taken at the Moon and Sixpence in Whitby