Petite Style Inspiration - TV Box Sets #petite #petitefashion

If like me you spent Christmas and New Year catching up on TV box sets i'm sure you will recognise the following fashion inspirations as the most stylish female characters on TV right now. With these style snippets you will be following in their footsteps in no time......

Olivia Pope - Scandal

How to style it: It's all about beautiful coats, bags and accessories in light pastel colours.

Lady Mary - Downton Abbey

How to style it: Gorgeous lace blouses or dresses, pearl jewellery and soft make-up.

Stella Gibson - The Fall

How to style it: Soft coloured silk shirts, dark tailored trousers and matching blazer jackets.

Emily Thorne - Revenge

How to style it: Get this effortlessly simple look with loose curls, bright coloured t-shirt, long necklace, jeans and blazer jacket.

All - Girls

How to style it: Wear everything you love all at the same time :-)

Jess Day - New Girl

How to style it: Bright patterns and colours, fit and flare dresses, quirky blouses, peter pan collars.... oh don't forget the glasses!

                   Hetty Lange - NCIS Los Angeles

     How to style it: Bright coloured double breasted trouser suit, patterned scarf and brooch. She is 4"9 the same height as me!

Which style will you be shopping for this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I Love Emily so much! I did a Revenge style Inspiration. Check it out if you haven't already :)

FuzstarPetite said...

I love Emily and her style too. Just wish I could afford her designer dresses :-). What is the link to your revenge post?