I don't need a t-shirt to tell me i'm petite #petite #petite fashion

My friend (thanks HW!) sent me pictures of some New Look petite logo t-shirts she had seen on a recent shopping trip. I thought I would take a closer look and share some of my favourites with you. 

1. Petite Grey Ribbed Short Stuff Sweater £17.99

2. Petite White Foil & although I may be little I Am Fierce T-Shirt £7.99

3. Petite Cream Side Split Tank Top £14.99

4. Petite Black Good Things Sweater £14.99

5. Petite White Tres Petite Foil T-Shirt £7.99

I've got my eye on the I am fierce (2) and the tres petite (5) T-shirts.

What do you think about these New Look petite logo tees? 

Would you wear one?